ISWC2014 Developers


This year’s Developers Workshop is over… but stay tuned for the next edition!


Submission deadline
28 July 2014
1 September 2014
19 October 2014

Opportunity 1: Submit a development paper

You created something cool and want to tell people about it?

Submit a development paper of 4 to 6 pages (LNCS template) that describes how your implementation tackles a specific need. Focus on lessons learnt, mention how people can use your software. Accepted development papers will be published in the CEUR-WS workshop proceedings series.

Opportunity 2: Submit a short abstract

You just want to introduce your development project?

Submit an abstract of 1 or 2 pages (no fixed template) that describes the development challenges of your project.

Opportunity 3: Show a technical demo

You have cool code you want to demo?

Send us up to 1 page (no fixed template) about what you want to show. We look forward to see it!

Opportunity 4: Send your code

You just want to send us your code?

That’s totally fine! Submit the URL of your repository.

Opportunity 5: Start a discussion

You want to discuss about a technical topic with other developers?

Great idea! Write a short paragraph about your discussion topic.

Opportunity 6: You have something else

You have something else to share with fellow developers?

Even better! Contact us.